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Pet Rehydration Station 

Q: Will my pet be able to destroy the Pet Rehydration Station?

A: No! We have specifically designed the Pet Rehydration Station to be indestructible. However, if your little dinosaur did manage to destroy the station (not including the stainless steel hose), we would replace it – and it won’t cost you anything either!

If you are worried about them destroying the stainless steel braided hose, we suggest you consider our stainless steel concealment bracket as we won't replace your hose free of charge if they destroy it. 


Q: Can the Pet Rehydration Station be connected to a rain water tank?

A: Yes, if it has a pump. While the stations can be gravity fed, it’s recommended that you have pump or sufficient water pressure.


Q: Will the drinking water in the station get hot in the direct sun?

A: One of the many benefits of a high-grade stainless steel is that it’s reflective. This means the water inside the station will remain relatively cool, even when exposed to the sun. This goes for the stainless steel braided hose as well. The only thing we can’t control is the temperature of the water coming out of the tap – so please keep this in mind when installing the Pet Rehydration Station.


Q: Can the Pet Rehydration Station be relocated?

A: Absolutely! The Pet Rehydration Station is fixed to either timber or masonry/brick with screws which can easily be removed.


Q: What happens in the unlikely event of back siphonage into mains water?

A: Every Pet Rehydration Station comes with a backflow device to ensure that back siphonage into mains water will never occur.


Q: How can the flow of water into the station be reduced?

A: Every Pet Rehydration Station comes with a flow restrictor which dramatically reduces the amount of water released from the tap into the station. So if you have a pet who loves to play in water, don’t worry! But if you are really concerned about them getting into the station and constantly emptying the water, you should definitely check out our stainless steel lid!