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Asher & Saphira are very happy with their new PRS XL... I am also very happy with the excellent customer service and communication provided throughout the transaction. The Pet Rehydration Station itself is a quality bit of kit too, we have tried a few other cheaper automatic water bowls which have not stood up to the punishment our water loving labs dish out whilst digging out the water to lie in! I reckon we won't need to buy another for a long time.

Greig, QLD

My boy Tank likes to splash water everywhere and I was forever filling his container up. Having an automatically refilling Pet Rehydration Station now I don't have to worry about him on hot days. It's an amazing product and I will be telling all my friends about it.

Paul, WA

The sausage sizzle holder made a huge difference to the service we could provide to customers at the last Bunnings fundraiser sausage sizzle PIPA did. We were able to serve customers faster. no-longer holding on to the sausage while customers organised themselves and applied the sauce . This translated into smaller queues, happier customers and more funds for raised. 

Eileen C, QLD

The DK Stainless team is as professional as they come. The communication has been outstanding. The team welcomes feedback, will do their best to match the product to best suit the needs of the consumer and will provide information throughout every stage of the process when asked. DK Stainless will go a long way, they provide products that are second to none and the build quality is simply suburb.

Ian + Megan, QLD

Such a brilliant product! So convenient and easy to clean. Our two puppies' thirst will be forever quenched! Thanks DK Stainless.

Kurt + Jenny, SA

Thank you for the automatically refilling water bowl for my family’s dogs. I have installed it, and this invention has saved me and my family a lot of work each day. I think it's one of the best inventions I have ever seen. Go international! Show the world how good your product is.

Bruce, QLD

This product has helped our rescue so much when we have our fundraiser BBQ's! ... when we have one of our BBQ's at Bunnings, we have quite a large number of people to serve and your product definitely helps as we can place the sausages in the holder for people to put their sauce on and can start serving the next person instead of holding them while the customer gets sorted and delaying service...

Rebecca, H, SA

I cannot recommend DK stainless more highly. The team were absolutely amazing in helping me all along the way from choosing the right product to installation. 10/10 for customer service! I am beyond happy with the final product. I only wish I knew about DK Stainless years ago as they would have saved me some cash on other brands that don't even compare to this quality. I LOVE my Pet Rehydration Station and so does my fur pack!

Brooke, NSW

The Pet Rehydration Station has been a life-saver! We have two American Staffys, Loki and Luna, who would almost bath themselves in their water bowl each time they have a drink. We love that the Pet Rehydration Station automatically refills every time the dogs drink. We can confirm that the Pet Rehydration Station is definitely staffy proof and able to withstand their rough play.

Chris + Tracey, QLD