Product Warranty


All products that are manufactured by us in stainless-steel are warranted against any manufacturing faults for ten (10) years from the date of purchase.

As we cannot guarantee there are not any debris or foreign objects in your individual water lines all other products that are not manufactured by us (i.e., all accessories – floats, stainless steel hose, brass elbow etc.) are only warranted against any manufacturing faults for four (4) months from the date of purchase.

Any damages caused by improper installation, tampering, modifications or misuse including damaged caused by pets or foreign objects will void the warranty.

Please note if your stainless-steel hose or float valve requires replacing after the four (4) months has passed, this will be at the expense of the customer and not DK Stainless Pty Ltd.

DK Stainless Pty. Ltd. (the business) will give always reasonable consideration to any warranty claims.

Foreseen or unforeseen factors specific to environmental conditions caused by the location of installation of our products can be critical to the performance of our products and the materials they are manufactured from.

This warranty is limited by rights of DK Stainless Pty Ltd. as the business sees fit in absolute discretion, environmental and/or location factors to approve or reject any claim under this warranty.

In particular, and without limiting the foregoing, DK Stainless Pty Ltd. may reject any claim under this warranty where any defect or failure of the Product (including any products manufactured from stainless-steel grade 304 and marine grade 316) is caused by its installation in a location subject to aggressive environmental conditions, such as areas susceptible to direct and/or indirect salt, chlorine chemical corrosion - i.e., immediate contact with salt/chlorine based chemicals or salt/chlorine related air corrosion – areas (but not limited to)  from any coastline, or large bodies of salt/chlorine water (lakes, rivers, swimming pools or spas) where airborne deposits and corrosive conditions may directly or indirectly come into contact with the products. This includes residential, non-residential, and industrial locations where the products are installed.

Areas up to a 5km radius of salt water are generally considered at risk of salt-related air corrosion. Corrosion from saltwater environments or is not covered by this warranty, this includes any products manufactured from stainless-steel marine grade SS316.

Powder coating has a one (1) year adhesion guarantee. Wear and tear (i.e., scratches, scuffs, dents, chips etc.) are not covered by this.


All Pet products are intended for animal use only.

Our products are manufactured from high quality and durable stainless-steel and aluminium materials. All accessories (i.e., stainless-steel braided hoses, brass hardware, adapters, plumbing and fixings etc.) have been carefully tested, selected, and approved for use with our products. We cannot guarantee any additional items or accessories purchased from other sellers.

Please ensure you handle and install the products as specified by DK Stainless Pty Ltd.

By purchasing our products, you agree to indemnify DK Stainless Pty Ltd. for any damages or injuries associated with any improper installations or misuses of our products.

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