Inline Water Filter Replacement
Inline Water Filter Replacement

Inline Water Filter Replacement

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This Inline Water Filter is the replacement for our "Inline Water Filter Kit". The patented inline carbon filter assists in protecting your pets from harmful bacteria and harmful levels of chlorine. 

We highly recommend replacing the inline filter every 12 months (1 year).


  • 1x Inline Activated Carbon Filter


  • Length: 25 cm 
  • Width: 5 cm 

*Note: Before installation soak in water for 2 minutes and then flush for 8 minutes. 

Disclaimer: This product is intended for use in external spaces only. Please ensure you handle and install the products as specified by DK Stainless. By purchasing this product you agree to indemnify DK Stainless for any damage or injury associated with the use or misuse of this product.